On April 14, 2018:

  • The PRCAC held an information session about the proposed new service level in conjunction with Whatcom County Public Health. This session was open to all Point Roberts Home Owners. An information package was sent to all Home Owners by mail. Questions were answered about the process. However, many home owners left feeling like they hadn’t been heard and didn’t understand why the level of service had been chosen.

On May 8:

  • PRCAC had there monthly May meeting and many concerned home owners attended to request that the service level be reduced. At this meeting, PRCAC indicated that the mandatory garbage service component would be changed from every other week pick up to 26 variable pick ups, tracked by the operator. PRCAC asked for community volunteers to step up and work on a garbage subcommittee to look into the broader garbage issues in Point Roberts. This included curbside, recycling, transfer station operations, large item pick up and yard waste pick up.

On May 22:

  • The original proposed mandatory service of every other week garbage and recycling as a fee on taxes was introduced to the docket at Whatcom County Council. The Council approved the introduction and called for a public hearing on June 5. No amendment of service level had been submitted to County Council.

On May 26:

  • The garbage subcommittee held a special meeting and introduced the public hearing information. The committee ratified their goals and opened the floor to questions regarding the public hearing process. Concern was again raised about the level of mandatory service. The garbage subcommittee requested a special meeting of PRCAC to ensure that the variable service option would be presented to County Council.
  • A member of the community circulated a petition to allow this committee time to work until September 30 to refine the proposed mandatory service to suit more home owners needs and usage levels.

On June 2, 10 am:

  • The garbage subcommittee had it’s first monthly meeting, ratified the previous meeting minutes and discussed the service level. Main point of discussion on why a rate increase was not considered before mandating a minimum service level. PRCAC representatives confirmed that a rate increase had not been considered.

On June 2, 11 am:

  • PRCAC held a special meeting to approve the 26 variable service level change be put forward to County Council.

On June 5:

  • Whatcom County Council voted 5 to 2 in favour of the removing the Point Roberts exemption, removing reference to seasonal and part-time home owners and mandates 26 variable garbage pick-ups per year with every other week recycling pick up.

Fall 2018:

  • Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission will do a rate review and set the rates for the mandatory service level of 26 cans and every other week recycling.
  • All home owners have the opportunity to provide comments on the service during the rate case. Email UTC.

January 2019:

  • Mandatory service with payment on property taxes begins. All homeowners will pay for 26 32-gallon cans and every other week recycling pick-up. Additional pick up services will be available. Home owners who choose to use drop off service will do so at an additional charge. No exemptions will be available for self hauling.