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#SocialDistancing means Gardening and Composting. We’re on the search for gardening techniques that involve composting, using cardboard and other recyclables to build up your soil. Send us your links:

A used sent us these two great resources:


Vertical Gardens:

We love this lesson in no-dig lasagna gardening (using cardboard layers to build new garden beds):

Our new finds:

Check out these clothing brands that are working on sustainable practices:

Did you know that you can recycle your cell phone?

How to recycle the unrecyclable
Some tips on recycling things you didn’t think you could recycle

Making sure your recyclables are actually being recycled

Plastic Waste: The Super Market Challenge
CBC episode of Marketplace dedicated to the issue of plastic waste in supermarkets

Ted Talk on Ocean Plastic
The Surprising Solution to Ocean Plastic with David Katz (Vancouver)

ReImagining Plastic: Turning Waste into Products
The innovations in this story from the show “earthwise” are amazing. Honestly, I will never look at bubble gum the same way again.


Changing Consumer Habits
People are stopping buying new clothes because in the UK alone: “Each week we buy 38 million items and 11 million items go to landfill”

See why buying second hand is a huge gesture of activism and a necessary choice for those who “do not believe in damaging the environment and perpetuating this consumption and waste”.

#IGiveASh!rt Campaign
Point Roberts hosted a clothing drive to keep clothing out of landfills. This is a great article on why this is important.


Plastic Free Salish Sea
Plastic Free Salish Sea is an initiative in Washington’s San Juan Islands dedicated to reducing waste and keeping our environment plastic free. It’s great to see our neighbours to the south showing amazing leadership.

Metro Vancouver’s new Think Thrice campaign
Metro Vancouver is committed to reducing clothing waste. A great resource!

BC is a recycling success story
This is a great article because as our closest neighbour, we can capitalize on this expertise.

Vancouver Zero Waste Challenge

Mattress Recycling

Did you know that your old mattress can be recycled?
Here are some resources that our new friends at Tuck in Seattle sent us:

Ideas for reducing your Christmas waste

Reduce your wrap:

Go Zero Waste at Christmas:

Metro Vancouver has a reduce waste, create memories campaign that is really cool:

The Economic Benefits of Reducing Waste:

Communities around Washington – including Seattle – are aiming to divert waste through increased recycling and composting. Why? Simply put, garbage is more expensive than recycling and landfills are a cost centre. Garbage is not the best use of community resources.

It’s not just about the environment, it’s about the economics. It’s more efficient to reduce garbage: when we produce less garbage, it costs less – it’s the right thing to do for the planet and the environment AND for your pocket book.

There are some great articles on reducing garbage and how to change habits to increase recycling. We will add to this section with articles we find – or ones you send us.

Investors Are Looking to Reduce Single Use Plastic
This article is super interesting because it shows market pressure for change.
Sustainable Business
“We live in a part of the country that places a high value on this [reducing garbage]. And our awareness level is much higher than other parts of the nation.”
  • Hoby Douglass, Vice-President of Sustainable Development, General Biodiesel

This Washington based documentary includes a series of interviews with Seattle business owners, garbage operators, resource providers, large venue, city and university employees. They consider reducing garbage a way to increase productivity, to have a good company image, increase brand value and save money. They outline great suggestions for reducing garbage at work:


The Story of Waste Management in the UK

This is an amazing historical look at waste and recycling in the UK from the war years to the present day. The historical perspective adds real credibility and interest.

How San Francisco is Becoming a Zero Waste City

Newfoundland Students take on recycling
Amazing story of how kids are motivated to reduce garbage and tackle recycling in their school

Lunenburg takes on reducing plastics one business at at time
Great model for small communities

More France’s Plastic Revolution
A look into the problem of plastics in France from the show “earthwise”. France banned the grocery stores from selling plastic bags in 2015. They will be the first country to ban single use plastic cups and cutlery in 2020.

Reusable Packaging & Refills

We love this article on where you can go to refill your creams and cleaners. This is fabulous!

The Milk Man is coming back!
Soon the reusable packaging the way it used to be done will be coming to big urban centres with Loop Packaging. As soon as this comes to the Pacific North West, we’ll let you know!


Canadians are getting serious about making less garbage

Reducing Food Waste

You can live without producing trash

Cheap & Easy Tips for Reducing Waste