Services Currently Available

Recycling services are now being paid for by all Point Roberts Home owners as part of the mandatory services. Homeowners can pick up their three recycling bins at the Transfer Station during regular business hours.

Recycling in Point Roberts is limited to:

– Aluminum and tin cans (Blue Bin)
– Glass bottles and jars (Red Bin)
– Mixed waste paper (White Bin)
– Plastic bottles of any colour and milk jugs (you supply your own bin)
– Corrugated cardboard – flattened and bundled

Unfortunately, at this time, CANDO does not offer full service recycling.

Recycle and Save

If you buy beverages in Canada, you should return empties to Canada. Help save money and make Point Roberts more green!

With every purchase of drink bottles, cans, tetrapaks and juice boxes in Canada you pay a deposit. If you return them to a certified Return-It depot, you will get your money back!

Fun Fact: The Aydon Wellness Clinic in Point Roberts was funded using the money from collected and recycled bottles.

Want to recycle more?

If your household is committed to sustainability and recycling, we recommend that you take your recycling to FREE FACILITIES in Tsawwassen or Bellingham.

The Tsawwassen Return-It Depot is located across the street from Petra’s on 12th Avenue. Turn right at the Petro Canada and it will be on your right. Address is:

5636 12 Ave
Delta, BC V4L 1C4

Return-It Depots in Canada will take:

– Most electronic items (items with a plug)
– Drink Boxes
– Gable top drink containers
– Drink pouches
– Plastic cups with foil lids
– Bag in a box wine or water
– Soft plastics
– Styrofoam
– Battery operated toys
– Batteries
– Light bulbs

Clean recycling is okay to cross the border. There is no cost to recycle these items. If you bought your drink containers in Canada, you may be eligible for refunds of the applicable bottle deposits.

The US EPA Created this epic tool to calculate the real difference that your recycling efforts can make. If you choose an item from the left and an item from the right, it will calculate how much time you can power the appliance of your choice by recycling a set number of objects. Seems weird right?

It show increasing recycling can effect real change! Did you know that recycling just 10 plastic bottles can power a laptop for 25.4 hours?

How about this one? It only takes recycling 14 glass bottles to power an air conditioner for an hour!

Click one from each column:
We love how this empowers changing behaviors!

Save on Energy 750