PR Community Advisory Committee

The Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee (PRCAC) is the main body that makes recommendations to the Whatcom County Executive and the Whatcom County Council. The committee is made up of 2 community representatives, 1 member of the Point Roberts Taxpayers Association, 1 member of the Point Roberts Voters Association and 1 member of the the Point Roberts Chamber of Commerce. The members from the three associations areĀ  decided by those associations and appointed to the PRCAC. Members are appointed for 2 year terms.

If you are concerned about the amount of garbage you have paid for versus the amount of garbage your home has generated, PRCAC, Point Roberts Taxpayers, Voters and Chamber of Commerce are appropriate places to share that feedback in the local community.

PRCAC reports that they spent about 2 years working on creating a new mandatory garbage service level. This process included an online survey that was completed by 314 people.

Considerable review of PRCAC meetings and videos of the PRCAC meetings show that during the review period, PRCAC did not conduct any review of the curbside garbage service volumes versus the transfer station drop off service volumes or the impact of changing the model on collection levels.

In spring 2018, they put forward a plan to mandate service for 2300 Point Roberts Home owners that required every other week garbage (26 pick ups per year) and every other week recycling pick up year round.

This new service was proposed as a fee on property taxes starting in 2019. The rate of the fee was estimated at $200 USD per household (based on current pricing models). The service level was set as a minimum with higher needs being available directly from the owner operated utility. Despite a largely seasonal community, 75% to 80% based on PRCAC’s own numbers, the minimum service level is higher than other areas in Whatcom County.

The new mandatory service removes in the County Code the option for Point Roberts home owners to get an exemption from curbside pick up and removes the special designation and service for seasonal and part-time home owners that was included in the County Code.

Throughout the period that PRCAC was considering the mandatory garbage service, the owner of CANDO was an active member on PRCAC as the representative of the Chamber of Commerce. He is still a member of PRCAC. He was not excused from any discussion on mandatory service.