Mandatory Service Jan 2019

Leadership in Sustainability

Our goal is to reduce garbage in Point Roberts and encourage our community to be a leader in sustainability. If you can help us in this goal, please reach out to us by email.

Using 26-can Mandatory Service

Mandatory Service is now in place. Service will be Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays depending on your address. Garbage and recycling will be on the same service day every two weeks.

Each household will be allocated:
– a total of 26 garbage 32-gallon cans for 2019
– every other week recycling


Some pointers for best use of the service:

  1. For garbage, we recommend that you only put out your can when it is full.
  2. Cans can be put out every two weeks on your service day.
  3. A full can may weigh up to 65 pounds including the actual can.
  4. Think about separating your plastic bottles, cans, glass, paper and cardboard from your recycling as these are covered under the recycling you are also paying for with the mandatory service.
  5. If you put out only full cans, you will have the option of using cans when you need them for spring cleaning, parties, house guests or moving.
  6. You can use 1 can or all 26 at a time depending on your needs.
  7. If you need extra service, you can order it from CANDO.
  8. Each home owner must receive a usage summary from CANDO every two months. If you, like us, are concerned that 26 cans is too many for your needs, please save the bill so it can be sent to PRCAC and County Council to show actual service levels.

Previous Updates

On Sunday October 28, 2018 PAWS Interface posted copies of the consumer and commercial customer letters. Home owners have not yet received any mailed notices.

To the best of our knowledge, it is not clearly stated what the fee on taxes will actually be for this mandatory service.

On October 18, 2018 the UTC delayed the hearing with the commissioners  until November 30. Although we have no information on why, we now know that new letters are being distributed around the community that new information about proposed service rates. In addition, commercial customers are now receiving notice that commercial rates are also proposed to be increased.

On October 11, 2018 the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission delayed their decision for the rate case for Point Roberts mandatory garbage. Ken and Alison Calder drove to Olympia to represent those of us who are concerned about this service increase. The commissioners felt they needed more information regarding the recycling services, service of multi-family homes and service for commercial locations. In addition, the Commissioners have asked the Attorney General to look into the notice period requirement as it seems that statutory notice is 45 days – and the notice was less than 30 days.

Read the All Point Bulletin Article:

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On June 5, 2018, Whatcom County Council passed the ordinance changes that remove the exemption for self hauling in Point Roberts and also removes the defined service options for seasonal weekend and vacation homes.

The new ordinance requires that each lot with a septic system pre-pay as a fee on taxes for garbage service:

– 26 variable pick ups for garbage
– Every other week recycling service

The last minute change to 26 variable from every other week pick-up allows home owners to choose which regular garbage day they put out their garbage and how many cans they put out at a time. The total number of cans put out will be tracked by household by the operator.

The service will be provided by CANDO Recycling and Disposal as the privately owned company currently holding the g-ticket for Point Roberts.

The rates for this service has not been finalized as this will be set by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission in a review process, likely fall 2018.

The UTC can be contacted for more information on the review and rate setting process. Email them here.