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Community Petition – Sign one today!

We are asking for your signature to support of the creation of a Point Roberts Recycling & Refuse District.

Point Roberts has the unique opportunity to become a leader in waste reduction within Whatcom County. Reducing waste and changing recycling is a topic that is in the news daily. The size of the population and the remote location of Point Roberts make the community uniquely suited for the creation of a recycling and garbage disposal district. 

A district would focus on engaging the community, increasing recycling options and providing hands on education to customers looking to reduce their waste footprint.

Why is the district necessary to achieve these goals?

  1. Engage the community: By having elections for a community board, the community will be engaged through the electoral process and the decision making will be responsive ongoing local feedback.
  2. Increase recycling: We have the unique opportunity to utilize the recycling facilities in British Columbia. If we increase the products we are able to recycle through the district, we can substantially reduce our impact on landfills.
  3. Education: We have been asking for education and been promised education. However, this has not happened. Within our own district, the community can provide education and we believe this will lead to success in reducing garbage. 

Why do we think this is a good fit for Point Roberts? Since the new garbage mandate was introduced, we have held 3 community events to reduce garbage and we’ve had fantastic participation. Our November clothing drive donated more than 5000 pounds of clothing to local charities and over 1000 pounds to fabric recycling. At the Community Spring Faire, we set up a recycling education station and answered public questions about how to reduce garbage. On June 8, we participated in World Oceans Day and collected 20 bags of garbage off a single beach with 20 volunteers over 1 hour.

This ballot measure if approved would not conflict or change the current contract that the County has with Cando for curbside pick-up. Any changes to that contract would be at the sole discretion of the County.

The petition will be submitted to County Council for their review and consideration.

Point Roberts World Oceans Day
Community Beach Clean Up

Thank you to everyone who came out and cleaned the beach!
20 brave people come out on a grey morning and made a difference.
Hope you’ll join us when we do it again in September!

Community Beach Clean Up
Saturday June 8 – 10 am
World Oceans Day

As a unique community surrounded on 3 sides by the Salish Sea, we are fortunate to celebrate the bounty of the ocean. On World Oceans Day, we are encouraging the community to get together and clean up our beaches. Garbage and recyling bags will be provided.

Meet at The Reef Parking Lot. Once you arrive, groups will be divided to cover as many beaches as possible. Option to walk south to Lighthouse Park or North to the Canadian Border. Other beaches will be assigned to captains.

All garbage and recycling will be disposed of properly once collected.

Spring Faire March 16 + 17
Point Roberts Community Centre

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle on the Point
Come learn how we’ve been reducing our garbage by increasing what we keep out of the landfill. Come see us for ideas on how to recycle and re-purpose.
We’ll have art project ideas that are creative uses of recyclables, locations to take styrofoam, electrical and soft plastic items and places that will take your old clothing and hard furniture.

Winter Clothing Drive A Massive Success

A recent clothing drive collected almost three tons of used clothing and required dozens of community volunteers to sort, mend and deliver the items to families and groups who needed them.

“It was more successful than I would have ever imagined,” said Samantha Scholefield, organizer of the November 18 event at the community center, adding, “When we put out the call to our community e-newsletters to advertise it, I had no idea what kind of response we would get. But from the first, I had emails about volunteering, about dropping off early. I had people stop me when I was updating the chalk board. I had people offer to mend items that needed special attention before they could be worn again! It was a beautiful response.”

Over 100 garbage bags full of clothes went to local families distributed through the Point Roberts food bank, the Lighthouse Mission in Bellingham, a group that supplies clothes to kids going into foster care, a women’s shelter and an organization that helps unemployed men get work. “In the process of the afternoon we helped a family whose house burned down last week and a family whose grown children had recently moved back with grandchildren in tow,” Scholefield said. They also delivered linens to the Icelandic Harbour assisted living residence in Vancouver.

“It was a display of generosity and thoughtfulness that the community should be so proud of,” Scholefield said. “Thank you to everyone who donated and who volunteered.”